Jobs Fund Stories

Female SME’s Hope to Franchise

Partnership is a key part of the Jobs Fund’s role in supporting emerging black businesses.
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Supporting Women in Agriculture

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s 2012 projections, by 2020 the world’s population will exceed nine billion and to meet the increased demand, agricultural production will have to grow by 60%.
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Innovation in the BPO Industry

The business process operations (BPO) industry has developed into a key job creator in South Africa but is challenged by a lack of available skilled human resources which presents a major risk to its business growth. The availability of labour resources is a key determining factor for companies deciding on an offshore and outsourcing destination.
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Deaf inclusion in the workforce

With currently little or no financial support for the training and placement of Deaf work seekers, the Jobs Fund is proud to announce its partnership with eDeaf, an organisation that has placed 3000 work seekers over the past 10 years, on its Partnered Solutions for the Deaf in a Hearing world project.
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Breathing New Life into the Inner City

The Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF) is a specialist inner-city commercial property financier that provides funding to small businesses. Using the Jobs Fund’s grant of R200 million, the TUHF is implementing a R1 billion funding structure to help new and existing entrepreneurs buy and construct about 200 residential buildings.
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Beef sector’s emerging farmers

The agricultural sector is an important driver of growth, expanding by 37.5% in the fourth quarter of 2017 and contributing 0.8% to the recorded 3.1% GDP growth, presenting significant export opportunities.
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What we do

The Jobs Fund was launched in June 2011, we are a National Treasury initiative with the goal to address the challenge of unemployment in South Africa. Our objective is to form partnerships, through grant funding, with public, private and civil society organisations on projects that will significantly contribute to job creation. What makes us different is that the Jobs Fund focuses on encouraging projects that catalyse innovative models that contribute directly to enhance employment creation.

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Approved Portfolio
126 approved projects
R6.7 billion in grant funds allocated.
R9.5 billion committed by our partners
225 981 sustainable jobs

How we work

The Jobs Fund has not appointed/endorsed any service provider to assist applicants with preparing their submissions for grant funding. Should you have queries or require some guidance, please contact us directly.

The Jobs Fund only accepts applications during open funding rounds and projects have to meet pre-determined criteria in order to be eligible for consideration. The Jobs Fund does not appoint intermediaries to assist applicants with their submissions for grant funding. The Jobs Fund is a challenge fund, the assessment and selection process is fair, transparent and competitive. Assistance is offered by the Jobs Fund team for queries and guidance.

The Jobs Fund has a two-stage application process; the Concept Note Application Stage and Business Case Application Stage. The application process begins when a call for proposals opens, and ends once a project has been approved by the Investment Committee.

Why a two-stage process?

The rationale for a two-stage process is that it enables applicants to test the relevance of their proposed initiative in relation to the Fund’s criteria, without expending undue effort and cost in developing a detailed proposal and business plan. Without this opportunity, many worthy applicants may choose not to apply, given the costs and risks associated with the development of a detailed proposal.

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