A Jobs Fund project, the centre aims to reduce the barriers of entry for entrepreneurs in the automotive industry. Access to capital and supplier experience is a few of the identified challenges that face entrepreneurs. Companies were often reluctant to procure the services of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not have experience.

The major problems that face SMMEs in South Africa include : acess to finance, market, training and expertises Incubators act as channels of support for small enterprises or benefit small enterprises indirectly, such as facilitation of market linkages and supply chain diversification. This support works to build the SMMEs into larger entities that have the potential to create sustainable jobs.

The Jobs Fund recognize that the process of establishing SMMEs and generating an entrepreneurial spirit is not something that can be done. Supporting start-ups structure and effective systems involves constant interaction and advice from appropriately skilled and capacitated experts. Incubators have a proven track-record of fulfilling this role both in SA and internationally. Incubators such as AIDC Investment Support Programme is therefore the ideal partner for the Jobs Fund as we try to address this critical employment issue. The incubation centre, aims to create 3 861 new jobs and 4 985 training opportunities.