Innovation in the BPO Industry Changing Lives

The business process operations (BPO) industry has developed into a key job creator in South Africa but is challenged by a lack of available skilled human resources which presents a major risk to its business growth. The availability of labour resources is a key determining factor for companies deciding on an offshore and outsourcing destination.

CCI South Africa established Careerbox as a skills development catalyst in 2012, to offer education and training to previously disadvantaged, unemployed, unskilled, and inexperienced youth to relieve pressure on skills shortages and provide scalability of labour resources to the digital economy.

The CCI-Careerbox initiative provides an innovative value chain solution for youth skills development and employment in the BPO and other service-based industries in the country. The delivery model enables it to impact source, recruit, train, and place large groups of candidates into employment within 2 – 6 weeks.

In 2016 a 25 year-old Slindile Mkhize was hit with an unexpected blow when her mother had to resign from her job, forcing a desperate Mkhize to enter the jobs market. It was a friend’s positive experience and Careerbox that encouraged her to head to the Careerbox offices and hand in her CV.

Things moved faster than she could have imagined when Careerbox not only took her CV but interviewed and accepted her into the programme that very same day. Mkhize’s training began the following week and she has not looked back since.

"Being in that two-week training honestly shift[ed] my perspective in so many ways. If you want something work for it, decide that you want it and go for it, and that’s what I learnt," reflects Mkhize.

She adds that it was at Careerbox that she met people that wanted to help her. It is where she learnt about business processes systems, culture and philosophy.

“I have never had a sense of self-worth and value, and that’s what I got from the people here,” says Mkhize, who now has her mind set on applying for the first skills development programme (Step Up) in the CCI development journey.

CCI places immense value on high performance in both its people and technology, this is why it has invested heavily in technology to enhance, not replace, its human capabilities.

In its first 15 months of implementation the project created 1 409 new permanent jobs and placed 811 beneficiaries in vacant permanent positions with project partners. Further to this, 2 974 beneficiaries completed training, which includes both contact centre and product specific training.

"Our partnership with CCI and Careerbox is an exciting one because it gives us a sense of hopefulness for the future. We commend all the investors, both international and local, for making the smart choice to partner with CCI and Careerbox," says Najwah Allie-Edries, Head of the Jobs Fund.