Strengthening Social Welfare Workforce Project
Partner name: Child Welfare South Africa
Project name: Strengthening Social Welfare Workforce
Funding round: CFP 1
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R19 000 000
Matched Funding R4 328 500
Website: None
Window: Work seekers
Location: National
Partners: None
Problem statement:
Shortage of resources in social welfare services, particularly services for vulnerable children, is a serious problem in South Africa.
Child Welfare South Africa is a non-profit organisation that provides statutory child protection, family, community and developmental services, while providing capacity by supporting and training members.
Child Welfare aims to train and mentor young people in social work and social auxiliary work before placing them in member organisations. The project will train 15 new social workers (honours degree level), 500 new social auxiliary workers (Further Education and Training Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work) and place 445 people in new permanent positions. Child Welfare has a staff complement of more than 100 employees nationally, representing 260 member organisations countrywide. The organisation’s head office is in Johannesburg and its provincial and regional offices are adequately resourced to provide the necessary oversight and mentoring services for the project.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 445
New short-term jobs 79
Training completed 515