Training Programme to support 3rd production shift Project
Partner name: Mercedes-Benz South Africa
Project name: Training Programme to support 3rd production shift
Funding round: CFP 1
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R4 500 000
Matched Funding R7 237 014
Window: Work seekers
Location: East London, Eastern Cape
Partners: None
Problem statement:
South Africa has a shortage of trained artisans for technical positions in both the private and public sectors. In December 2010, the East London Mercedes-Benz plant was selected as one of only four Daimler AG plants worldwide to manufacture the C-Class Mercedes. To ensure the plant’s readiness for this work, Mercedes-Benz South Africa needs adequately trained technicians. As a result, and in-line with its corporate goal of making a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of South Africa, Mercedes-Benz South Africa has committed to training 792 technicians in a skills-development programme.
The Mercedes-Benz Group established its production facility in South Africa more than 60 years ago.
Production on the next-generation C-Class vehicles began in 2014, necessitating the employment of 600 assembly personnel to move from a two-shift to a three-shift per day production cycle. Mercedes Benz aims to assist 792 unemployed young people by providing them with accredited training in automotive manufacture and assembly. Once qualified, 600 of the eligible trained youth will receive employment contracts for the third-shift operations.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 600
New short-term jobs 27
Time-bound internships completed 53
Training completed 792