JumpStart Jobs Fund Expansion Project Project
Partner name: RedCap Foundation
Project name: JumpStart Jobs Fund Expansion Project
Funding round: CFP 1
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R17 500 000
Matched Funding R3 500 000
Website: http://www.mrpfoundation.org
Window: Work seekers
Location: National
Partners: Non-profit organisations
Problem statement:
Youth unemployment is one of South Africa’s major challenges. Young South Africans looking for jobs are often constrained by their lack of experience and knowledge on what is acceptable professional conduct in the workplace. JumpStart is a direct response to this challenge.
Mr Price Group established the RedCap Foundation as a non-profit organisation in 2006 to carry out the group’s corporate social investment initiatives. The foundation’s non-profit partners provide the skills training to young people.
The RedCap Foundation’s JumpStart project provides skills training to young job seekers between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. The target group is mainly unemployed matriculants who are unable to get into tertiary institutions, or who have dropped out and cannot find jobs due to their lack of skills and experience. JumpStart aims to prepare unemployed youth for the world of work, and ultimately contribute to addressing South Africa’s unemployment problem. Young people who successfully complete the training are placed in clerical and sales positions at Mr Price Group’s outlets (Mr Price, Mr Price Sport, Milady’s, Mr Price Home and Sheet Street).
Expected results:
Permanent placements with project partners 3 600
Time-bound internships completed 6 000
Training completed 7 100