Nissan Investment Support Programme Project
Partner name: Automotive Industry Development Centre
Project name: Nissan Investment Support Programme
Funding round: CFP 2
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R140 199 000
Matched Funding R120 100 000
Window: Infrastructure
Location: Gauteng
Partners: Gauteng Department of Economic Development, Nissan South Africa and Supplier Park Development Agency
Problem statement:
The Nissan Investment Support Programme will support Nissan South Africa’s international bid to build the new Nissan one-ton pick-up truck in its Rosslyn plant in Johannesburg. Should Nissan South Africa be unsuccessful in its bid to build the new pick-up model, all of its local production will be phased out, resulting in a reduced workforce, which will exacerbate the province’s unemployment challenge. The Nissan Investment Support Programme seeks to avoid this outcome by supporting the creation of the country’s second automotive incubation centre, the construction and operation of a production simulator that would serve the entire automotive industry, the establishment of an industry training academy and the development of skills enhancement programmes.
The Automotive Industry Development Centre has, through the Nissan Investment Support Initiative, partnered with the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, Nissan South Africa and the Supplier Park Development Agency.
The Automotive Industry Development Centre’s Nissan Investment Support Programme aims to support Nissan South Africa’s first global export bid to build Nissan’s upcoming one-ton pick-up truck. This initiative will also offer a comprehensive industry skills development and training programme through the training academy, contribute to the gradual transformation of the industry supply side through the establishment of at least seven black-owned component supplier companies as part of the initiative’s incubation centre programme, operate a production simulator and attract foreign direct investment through the relocation of four international supplier companies. Both the industry training academy and the incubation centre will gradually be operated on a cost-recovery basis to ensure sustained benefits for the industry.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 14
Permanent jobs beyond project partners 3 014
Permanent jobs with project partners 1 012
New short-term jobs 609
Time-bound internships completed 800
Training completed 4 583